Labradoodle Therapy/Service Dog - Jack
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This page was last updated on: November 9, 2015
Therapy Dogs
Below are labradoodles that were born here and went on to be certified theraphy /service dogs or a companion for a family member with disabilites. 

Truman: Certified thru Theraphy Dogs International
                  Parents: Sky & Oregon
Jack: Lives with a family who has a daughter with cerebral palsy. 
             Parents: Indy & Huey

I cannot express to you how happy we are that you were willing to allow us a chance with Jack.  Frank sneezed 3 times last nigh and that was the only "symptom".  And he can't honestly say that they were because of Jack or just his regular sneezing.  He had no itchy, red, or watery eyes, no extra itching anywhere else, and most importantly, no respiratory issues.  We are cautiously optimistic. 

Jack is a complete joy to have in the house.  He doesn't nip at Ellie (the 2 year old).  She walked thru the kitchen last night and said "Come on Jack, let's go".  Jack popped up and trotted down the hallway with her to her bedroom where they played in her tent until she yelled because he wouldn't stop kissing her:)  Jack's interaction with Kaity (the 16 year old with cerebral palsy) defies explanation.  Kaity can't walk so she scoots around on the floor on her butt and sits against the sofa or a chair to watch tv.  Kaity hates for anyone to be in "her space".  However, she allows Jack to lay against her and even on top of her feet.  He takes every opportunity to be near her.  Right now Kaity is sitting in the recliner and Jack is laying under her feet.  It is absolutely tear-jerking to see him and her.  I can't explain it but I think some things are not meant to be understood or explained; they are just meant to be accepted and enjoyed.  I believe Jack is a very old soul. 

I will try and send you some pics from my phone and we will talk soon.

THANK YOU,    Beth

Labradoodle Therapy/Service Dog - Truman
Labradoodle Therapy/Service Dog - Truman in  the news!
Labradoodle Therapy/Service Dog - Jack
Labradoodle Therapy/Service Dog - Jack
Labradoodle Therapy/Service Dog - Tella
Stella: Certified thru Therapy Dogs International to be a therapy dogs for Pediatrics and                  Geriatrics      Parents: Seminole
 Stella took her test last year and was the only one out of like 20 that day that passed!   She hasnt had any 'gigs' yet though.  Kinda tough since I work full time but will get her in.   She will love it.    Hope all is well.
Best Wishes,    Alison C. Coon