Bad Company Labradoodles
Labradoodle Puppies
Formerly Bad Company Labradoodles Breeding Labradoodles since 1998
Labradoodle Puppies
Breeding pairs below have been mated. I will mark confirmed when pregnancy is confirmed.

Snowy River the Labradoodle

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Visiting Policy:

Due to the risk of Parvo, I do not allow anyone to see the puppies until they are 6 weeks old and have had their first parvo/distemper vaccination. For this same reason, I also do not allow familes to just come visit my place.  We are very fussy here about disease control. I hope you can understand my policy. It's for the safety and well being of my dogs/puppies.  When you come out to choose your puppy or pick up your puppy, you can see the parents at that time. I am more than happy to give you my vets names and numbers for a reference. Here is a link about Parvo: http://www.petalk.com/parvovirus.html

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Updated: 10/19/2019
Labradoodle Puppies Available:
Izzy & Splash Born July 1st
Ready for homes now!
Medium (35-50lbs) ~ Color: Partis (Apricot & black & White)
Wavy/Curly Fleece Coats ~ Multigeneration
Upcoming Litters
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Maggie & Splash Born September 13th
Ready for homes November 8th
Mini (20-30lbs) ~ Color: Apricots & Blacks
Wavy Fleece Coats ~ Multigeneration
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