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Formerly Bad Company Labradoodles Breeding Labradoodles since 1998
Labradoodle Puppies
Breeding pairs below have been mated. I will mark confirmed when pregnancy is confirmed.

Snowy River the Labradoodle

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Visiting Policy:

Due to the risk of Parvo, I do not allow anyone to see the puppies until they are 6 weeks old and have had their first parvo/distemper vaccination. For this same reason, I also do not allow familes to just come visit my place.  We are very fussy here about disease control. I hope you can understand my policy. It's for the safety and well being of my dogs/puppies.  When you come out to choose your puppy or pick up your puppy, you can see the parents at that time. I am more than happy to give you my vets names and numbers for a reference. Here is a link about Parvo: http://www.petalk.com/parvovirus.html

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Updated: 4/16/2018
Labradoodle Puppies Available:
Hanna and Splash puppies born February 19, 2018
Mini Size ~  Apricot/Wh & Choc/Wh
Ready For Homes April 20th
There are currently no doodles bred.
 See below for upcoming plans.
Tally & Dusty Fall/Winter 2018
Small Standard ( 40-60lbs) ~ Apricot, Red, Black

Upcoming Litters
Fanny & Dusty Winter 2018/2019
Small Standard ( 40-60lbs) ~ Choc/Wh & Chocolate

Ella and Splash puppies born March 3, 2018
Large Mini Size ~  Apricots & Blacks
Ready For Homes May 4th
Since I have so many males available right now, my Mom wrote about her experience with males: 
Thinking about a Labradoodle puppy and had your heart set on a female but only see male puppies available.
Give a male a chance, many years ago when my first Standard Poodle entered our household I took a chance on a male after only having females. To this day I only have males.
They want to be with you all the time and are easier to train as they dislike when you express displeasure with them. As a dog trainer males were much easier to train. 
For those of you who never met Tina’s Snowy, he was more human than Labradoodle and understood your moods, thoughts and words. That is why Tina changed the name to Snowy River to honor his memory. 
I cannot say enough about males and feel confident after all my years of recommending males to people you will not be disappointed.