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This page was last updated on: November 9, 2015
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Labradoodle Kumo
12 weeks
Labradoodle Kumo 13 weeks
13 weeks
Labradoodle Kumo 15 weeks
15 weeks
Labradoodle Kumo 6 months
6 mths.
Labradoodle Kumo 9 months
Labradoodle Kumo 1 year
9 mths.
1 year
Labradoodle Kumo
1 year
Kumo- Now resides with the Rader Family in Ann Arbor, MI.
Parents: Raindancer & Snowy
Labradoodle Bella
Labradoodle Lucca
Bella~ Now resides with the Keller Family in Devon, PA.
Parents: Raindancer & Cowboy
Lucca~ Now resides with the Cook Family in Arlington, VA. 
Parents: Raindancer & Cowboy
Labradoodle Casey
Labradoodle Casey
Casey- Now resides with the Brinch Family in Chester Springs, PA
Parents: Desert & Cowboy
Labradoodle Chole
Labradoodle Django
Chole(11 weeks)- Now resides with the Skoda Family in Hellertown, PA.
Parents: Angel & Snowy
Parents: Maw & Kemo