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This page was last updated on: November 9, 2015
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Lola(3 mths. old)- Now resides with the Hoff Family in Mountain Lakes, NJ
Parents: Angel & Snowy
Chase (5 mths. old) Now resides with the Waters Family in Lebanon, PA.
"My patients love him...yes I bring him to work with me he is a trip"
 Parents: Angel & Cowboy
Labradoodle Lola
Labradoodle Chase
Labradoodle Riley 8 Weeks Old
8 weeks
Labradoodle Riley 6 Months Old
6 months
Labradoodle Riley 10 Months Old
10 months
Riley- Now resides with the Orio Family in Dowington, PA.  
Parents: Desert & Cowboy
Labradoodle Izzy 8 Weeks Old
Labradoodle Izzy
Labradoodle Izzy 3 Months Old
 8 weeks

8 weeks
3 months
Izzy- Now resides with the Graynor Family in Allentown, PA. 
Parents: Angel & Snowy
Labradoodle Kaya
Labradoodle Kaya
Kaya: Resides with 
the Lovelidge
Family in Delta, PA
Silverton& Snowy
Labradoodle Celte
Labradoodle Shamus
Celte (1 year old)- Resides with the Tomko Family in Easton, PA. 
Parents:  Silverton& Snowy
Shamus- Now resides with MacPherson Family in Staten Island, NY
Parents:  Desert & Cowboy
Labradoodle Shamus
Hi Tina, just wanted to tell you that Shamus who adopted us is doing quite well. He is a healthy, vivacious 76 pounds and can be a handful. We love him so much and can not remember what life was like without him.
Shamus was welped January 7,2007  and was named "Dominick" when we purchased him on March 18,2007.
 Thank you,  Ed, Ellen and Matthew MacPherson  2/13/08

2 years old