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Labradoodles Mason and Max
Mason & Max showing of their pearly whites for Mel.
Labradoodle Paco
Paco watching over Austin taking a nap to ensure he is not disturbed.
Labradoodle Playa Del
Labradoodle Sammy
Playa Del who belongs to the Carmen's on the left. 
Sammy and Lindsay pose for the camera on the right.
Labradoodle Sammy
While I do not often post large pictures  it seemed necessarily in this case so you could see Sammy watching the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York. 
Labradoodle Snicker
Labradoodle Steve
Snicker on the left.
Steve on the right.
Labradoodle Gee - Assistance Dog
Labradoodle Lupes
Gee on the left was the first puppy we placed with a assistance dog program. He now lives with a woman who is bound to a wheelchair most of the time. He can perform many household tasks including removing wash from the dryer. He is always by her side whenever she is out of her chair to support her if necessary. Watching an assistance dog work is one of the most wonderful things a person can witness.

Labradoodle Joey
Labradoodle Nimbus
Joey belongs to the Greytak family.
Nimbus lives with Karen.
Nimbus is in the 2008 Labradoodle Calendar!