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Chase & Bentley: Now reside with the Denton Family                                               in Monroeville, NJ
Parents: Angel & Cowboy
Labradoodle Bentley
Bentley~ 6 months
Labradoodle Bentley and Chase
Labradoodle Chase
Chase~ 6 months
Hi Tina,
Just wanted to send you a few pictures of Bentley and Chase. They are 6 months old and growing so much!
We love them, they are sweetest and smartest puppies!!
Thanks !!!  Kim Denton  1/29/08

Hi Tina,
We bought our two beloved doodles from you 3 years ago.  I just wanted to send you a quick note, and just one of the many photos of one of the boys acting like an angel with our baby boy.  Bentley and Chase are incredible with our son, and I thought that you should know that!

Hope all is well, THANKS AGAIN!     Kim Denton      11/16/10