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Formerly Bad Company Labradoodles
Clients Pictures Page 12
Labradoodle Phred
Phred: Now resides with the Berman Family in West Hartford, CT
Parents: Star & Kemo
Check out my website!!!
    I was browsing your site today (as I do every so often) and saw that Kemo and Star had another litter of puppies.  Our dog (Phred) came from the last litter of these two parents.  Today (12/13/2007)is actually his second birthday.
    Anyway, I thought you would like to maybe show people how cute the puppies from that litter can turn out with some pictures of Phred.  These were taken today during the snowstorm here in the Northeast. He is about 42lbs and we think he is the perfect size (not too big and not too small).
    Thanks for giving us the best dog we could have imagined.  In two years I already can't imagine life without Phred... he has the best personality and is the smartest dog I have ever had (not to mention how 
cute he is).  He is great at agility and flyball (actually, just this week he was invited to join a flyball team and will start competing in tournaments soon).
Thanks again!,   Todd Berman  12/13/07
Labradoodle Carmie
Labradoodle Carmie
Carmie: Now resides with the Ward Family in Pittsburg, PA
Parents: October & Bulldozer
"My name is Celeste Ward and my husband is Mike Tamiggi. We purchased a female Labradoodle from Bad Company 4 years ago. Her name is “Carmie” (photos attached, please feel free to add to your client photos) and she is truly spectacular. Carmie was part of the same litter as “Angel” one of your Adult Female Labraoodles. We are so pleased with Carmie and are looking to add another Labradoodle to our family. We would prefer to use Bad Company as we were very pleased with your services. Carmie is a very big part of our lives and we couldn’t be any happier with her. Thanks, Celeste" 12/21/07

Labradoodle Dante
Labradoodle Dante
Dante: Now resides with Alexandra Kocsik and                the Stanton Family in Sherborn, MA
Parents: England & Oregon
"Hi Tina! I am just updating you on how Dante has been doing. He's getting big! He's already 30-35 lbs! We think that he's going to be more like 50-60 lbs full grown, even though both his parents were 40-50 lbs. He outgrew his crate so now he has what we call his 'den' which is an area that we gated in. He isn't fully house broken, but he hasn't had an accident for a couple weeks now and knows pretty much what not to eat/touch. Every night since a few days after he came home with us he hasn't had a single accident at night, so he can already hold it for 8 hours. He can get a little hyper and bite, but he's well-tempered and friendly to new people. We started some training classes and he's been doing great. I taught him many commands such as sit, down, come, his name, leave it, and paw. I can't believe he's learning so quickly! Our vet and trainer said that we're very lucky to have such a great dog, so we'd like to thank you again for raising such nice puppies. We also are planning to get his first grooming at the end of February, so that will be exciting! "  1/28/08

Labradoodle Toby
"Hi Tina, just a note because I've been meaning to let you know how much we love Toby! He is an absolute love and we feel very lucky we found such a nice dog. He's housebroken and doing very well with puppy class and his manners. Here's a picture of him with Helen right before Christmas. I've given about five people your website. Thanks also for the vet recommendation. 
Toby weighs about 32 pounds and is about 25 inches tall.
Thanks, take care, Joanne. 2/7/08

Toby: Now resides with Lortie Family in                                               Churchville, MD
Parents: England & Oregon
Labradoodle Lacey
Labradoodle Lacey
"We got Lacey when she was six months old, two years ago (Feb 06).  She was named Cinderella and her parents are Seminole and Thunder Cloud.  

I thought you might enjoy some recent pictures of Lacey.  She is very sweet, cuddly, and eager to please.  Very obedient and sometimes a bit mischievous!  She is fully grown and weighs about 55 lbs and is really a joy to be around.  She is always happy and wagging her tail!   Please feel free to post on your site.  I enjoy looking at other parti-doodles because they are so rare!
Thanks, Fran Richards  1/29/08

Lacey: Now resides with Richards Family in                                               Stewartstown, PA
Parents: Seminole & Thundercloud
Labradoodle Jake
Labradoodle Jake
Labradoodle Jake
Jake: Now resides with the Clark Family in                                               Hanover, MA
Parents: Tropical Wind & Brady
Mini Labradoodle
Dear Tina,
 We took home a mini-labradoodle a year ago. His name was Bandit. We now call him Jake Zachary Clark. He is a very lovable dog and we just love him so much! Jake weighs 14 pounds and he is 16.5".
We wanted to forward you some pictures of Jake because he is just the best looking dog in America :]. Ok here they are. Also, thanks so much for breeding mini-labradoodles. We are very appreciative of Jake. 
                                 From, Darlene, Paul, James, Sarah                                                  and Jake 2/10/08

Labradoodle Doodles
Doodles: Now resides with the Gardner                     Family in Essington, PA
Parents: Dakota & Bullet
Mini Labradoodle
Hi Tina,
      This is a picture of Merry (Doodles) Queen of her castle.  I couldn't be happier to have her.
Thanks!  Chris Gardner   2/2/08