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Labradoodle Rosemary
Rosemary: Now resides with the Stewart Family in
Monteo, NC and is the greeter at their art gallery, Silver Bonsai Gallery.
Parents: Angel & Cowby
8 Weeks
Labradoodle Rosemary 11 weeks
11 Weeks
Labradoodle Rosemary 3 months
3 Months
Labradoodle Rosemary 4 months
4 Months
"She is 11 weeks old  and growing quickly, today she had her debut appearance at Alyse's Kindergarten class... She impressed all when she could even sit up to "sit pretty" "

"She is officially our Mascot for people are actually coming in to say hello to her!"  

Labradoodle Chessie
Chessie: Now resides with the Anderson Family in Onley, MD.
Parents: Raindancer & Cowby
8 Weeks
17 Weeks
Cossette: Now resides with the Nance Family in Indiana, PA. 
Parents: Twilight & Snowy
"She is adorable and we love her dearly."
8 Weeks
4 Months
Soco: Now resides with the Stacy Family in Milton, DE.
Parents: Raindancer & Snowy
Hi Tina!
 Steff and I just wanted to thank you again for allowing us to purchase our new puppy this past weekend. We named her Soco, and she has adjusted so well!  We love her!!!! Her and our other dog Kudos are loving playtime together! We have attached some photos of her first few days at home. Enjoy! - Stacy and Steff

Labradoodle Bella 8 weeks
Bella: Now resides with the Applegate Family in Newark, DE
Parents: England & Oregon
Labradoodle Bella
8 Weeks
8 Weeks
Hello, Thanks again for the beautiful puppy, so far she is great and has even pottied outside twice! She is beautiful!! 
Thanks, Liz and family

Labradoodle Henry
Henry(2yrs.): Now resides with the Spizuoco Family in Standfordville, NY
Parents: Tumbleweed & Cowboy