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Client Updates 2010
Dear Tina,
    Maggie is doing really well! She loves her home and she gets to see her brother(Andy) and her friends all the time. She is very energetic and loves to go outside and play.
Maggie Magee-The Seeberger Family    4/15/10

Maggie: Now resides with the Seeberger Family in MD.
Parents: Desert & Cowboy
Lizzie: Now resides with the Petka Family in PA.
Parents: Indy & Snowy
Labradoodle Maggie
Labradoodle Jack
Hi Tina!  Hope all is well in PA! 
I’m attaching a picture of Jack, our 5 year old labradoodle we bought from your mom in December 2005.  He was born 16SEP05 & his parents are Thunder Cloud & Seminole Wind.  There’s a picture of him on the 2nd page of “client pictures” on your website.  He was 5 months old ~ time sure does fly!

Earlier this month, Jack & Chiloe Hunt (our awesome groomer) attended the New England Pet Grooming Professionals fall fest grooming competition, in Warwick RI for the 2nd year in a row. This year, they came in 2nd in the intermediate division!


We just wanted to share this great news with you, as we’re very proud pet parents!
Take Care!       Marc & Michelle Billings     11/18/10

Labradoodle Lizzie
Labradoodle Lizzie
Labradoodle Lizzie
Labradoodle Stella
Labradoodle Stella
Labradoodle Stella
Hi Tina.  Wanted to share a few updated pictures of Stella.  I got this wonderful girl over 4 years ago.  Her mom was Seminole and I have to say I think she looks just like her - and certainly has her amazing personality.    I have always had at least one dog and will honestly say she is by far the best creature I have ever owned.  She is whip smart (perhaps too much at times......LOL !).   I even have her being evaluated next month through TDI to become a therapy dog for Pediatrics and Geriatrics.....   I feel she needs to be shared with as many people as possible.  I will be in contact soon again...... I'm feeling the itch to get another one !    Hope your mom is well and enjoying herself.   Alison Coon   7/9/10
Hi Tina -    Yes, she is certified -  She took her test last year and was the only one out of like 20 that day that passed!   She hasnt had any 'gigs' yet though.  Kinda tough since I work full time but will get her in.   She will love it.    Hope all is well.
Best Wishes,    Alison C. Coon  8/22/11

Labradoodles Luna and Elphie
Hi Tina,
Thought you might get a kick out of seeing Snowy's two daughters all snowy.......Luna just had her 1rst birthday Feb. 2....she's 52 lbs and Elphie is about 75.....both beautiful and loving. Luna is quite the snuggler....which I love....we had to get a king size bed to accomodate the level to which they are spoiled! Hope all is well with you and that you're having a happy blizzard! 
Denise      2/6/10