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Client Updates 2010
Labradoodle Barkley
Barkley: Now resides with the Riley Family in PA.
Parents: Crimmy & Oregon
Labradoodle Barkley
Hello! i just wanted to tell you how GREAT! barkley is doing! he is spoiled rotten and LOVES his new home!! he really is a great addition to our family! I was wondering if you are going to have any brown labradoodles anytime soon!? we are thinking about adding another doodle into our lives and wanted to get a brown one :) thanks again! i attached some new pictures as well thanks again for everything

Tara, Mike and Barkley    8/9/10
Labradoodle Barkley
Labradoodle Barkley
Labradoodle Barkley
Labradoodle Barkley, Tara & Mike
Labradoodle Barkley
Walter: Now resides with the Balano/McCoy Family in ME.
Parents: Crimmy & Oregon
Labradoodle Walter
Labradoodle Walter
Walter now weighs 23 lbs.  he is perfect in every way.  he is house trained, sits with a finger command and follows us everywhere.  he rides in the car without a kennel and just sits and watches.  He gets along with our other two dogs beautifully.  He is the easiest dog I have ever trained.
Thank you for him!!
Robin and Jim   3/27/10
Labradoodle Walter
Labradoodle Walter
You do have wonderful dogs.  We will come back to you for sure next time.  Here are the latest pictures of Walter at 5 months.  he is huge and so happy.  He wants so to please.  he was house trained at 3 months.  He is almost totally trained on the electronic fence.  He loves to ride in the car and plays with our other 2 dogs constantly.
Good luck with the baby!
Robin and Jim Balano   5/13/10
Hey Tina,
Just wanted to let you know that Thumper is doing very well at his new home and is doing very well with the housebreaking also. He has only had a few accidents so far, he already know to go towards the back door which is awesome!  He cries at night in the crate which is normal, but also getting better. We want to thank you for a loving puppy, my whole family loves him so much and we couldn't be happier right now. Thanks again.

The Mazan Family
Crimmy & Oregon
Larkin: Now resides with the Cummins Family in PA.
Parents: Crimmy & Oregon
Hi Tina,
Just wanted to let you know how Larkin (Cookie)
 is doing - she is so much fun to have around 
and she has adjusted wonderfully to living with 
us!  Housetraining is going well, even in all this 
snow she mostly goes in her "potty spot" and 
pretty much goes every time I take her out.  
She sleeps from 10:15pm - 6:30am in her crate
 and only whined the first few nights we had her.
 She already knows "sit", "come" and we're 
working on "lay down" and "paw".  We have 
our first puppy kindergarten class tonight and 
she's already had "playdates" with a few of our 
friends' dogs.  Everyone is so impressed with 
how calm she is for a puppy and it really doesn't take much to get her worn out - can't wait until all this snow melts and we can show her the rest of the yard and spend more time outside.  She also loves shoes, not just to steal and chew on but to sleep and cuddle with (as you can see in this picture).
I did take her to the vet on the 15th, we will mail the receipt on Monday.  She was 8lbs, 4oz but I think she's definately closer to 11lbs by now.  
Thanks again for selling Larkin to us, we are so excited she is part of our family now!
Jill  2/26/10
Labradoodle Larkin
Labradoodle Cali
Cali: Now resides with the Quickel Family in NJ.
Parents: Indy & Huey
Hi Tina – hoping your feeling well – I guess by now you could be holding that new baby in your arms.  If not, enjoy these last few days, rest as much as you can.

I am so sorry it has taken me this long to get this information over to you.  We named our puppy Shandi Buttercup.  Our kids were thrilled when we got home.  You were right, bless you and your mom for sharing paper towels and blanket with us – she did get carsick. 

She went to the vet that first Friday night, and has her second appt next Saturday.  I am attaching a copy of the receipt from the first visit.

She has been a really enjoyable addition to our home.  She sleeps right through the night, and has done that since day 1 with us.  She wasn’t crazy about the leash at first, but I think that her love of walks won out over the leash, and now she’s a pleasure to take for long walks.   She has a blast running around with the kids, and my husband is teaching her the joys of Frisbees! 

She is getting bigger by the minute.  She loves to play, she is doing well with house training, and we are truly having a blast with her.  She is very intelligent, and seems to understand us. 

We are in love.  Thank you!     Fran Turchi   5/26/10

Parents: Raindancer & Oregon
Hello Tina,
We bought a puppy from you almost three years ago this coming Septemeber. She was from Snowy and Raindnacer's litter. We just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with her. We just lov her so very much. She really is a wonderful dog. I recomend you guys to everyone. In the future I absolutly plan on buying another puppy from you. When my son gets a little older :) I have attached some pictures for you to see of our Gracie girl. Take care!!
-Rebecca Rohlfing  7/7/10
Hi Tina. Congrats on your new baby. I wanted to take a minute to update you on Stoli. He's out of Snowy and Indy. He's now 14 months old. He has grown up at Saddle Valley Farm with all the horses. He is 80 lbs. He loves everyone. Especially children. He is never leashed and knows his boundaries. He helps with turn in and turn out barking at the horses to get them away from the gate. He rides the gator everywhere. Chases cats but is never aggressive. Likely to lick you to death. Greets every car that shows up. He is just the greatest dog in history. I can't say enough about the amount of joy he's brought into our lives. 

If someone is ever asks you for a reference you can let them visit our farm and meet the most amazing dog ever born.
Alex Morrow    6/6/10