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Client Updates 2009
Parents: Sky & Oregon
Parents: Sky & Oregon
Just wanted to say hi and tell you how much we love our bc labradoodle! He is Chewbacca (Rocky from Wind & Brady) born 5/18/2008 He's 23lbs and looks just like your photo of the phantom with the water bottle in his mouth. We love this dog!
Getting this puppy from you was one of the best decisions we've ever made as a family. My boys (ages 10, 14, & 48!) love him so much. He is very bright - learned sit, stay, come, & roll over at 4 months of age! He loves his crate and we still use it. He is easy at the vet and the groomer. He is very sweet - loves attention from humans We have a wonderful off-leash dog park nearby where he is always happy to go.

He has never met a dog he doesn't like. And if he gets the idea they might not like him, he leaves them alone. He loves to go on leashed 'walks' with the kids on their skateboards. OK, it's more like a run but he loves it. But one of the best things about Chewy, is the day we came to your house he was active and full of energy but when we picked him up, he was happy to lay there on your lap for as long as you'd let him. He's still like that!!

We just had a little birthday party for him. Our vet loves him and everyone always remarks on what nice temperament he has. We recommend BC to everyone that asks where he came from.

We even fantasize about getting another some day and enjoy the puppy photos on your website alot.
Thanks for helping us have a wonderful dog in our family

JoAnn & Diego Escobosa.   5/20/2009