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1. The buyer of this puppy hereby states that they are purchasing this puppy for their own use and not for resale to a third party or acting as an agent or broker for another party. (Does not apply to puppies bought or donated for use as service dogs.)
2. Tina Rineer has provided the buyer with:
A. The puppy's medical record stating the vaccinations, parasitical medicine and any other medicines the puppy has received. Tina Rineer administered all Vaccinations and medicines except any treatments that were administered by our Licensed Veterinarian and listed in the Medical record or the PUPPY HEALTH CERTIFICATE. The buyer is required and is responsible for keeping up the vaccination and parasitical deworming schedule to be administered by a Licensed Veterinarian of the buyer's choice and at the buyer's expense.
B. A Puppy Health Certificate issued by our Licensed Veterinarian.
C.  A copy of the PA Written Notice for Dog Purchasers, which is incorporated herein and made a part of these, terms and conditions.
D.  Puppy Care paper
E:  NuVet Information paper
3. This puppy is being purchased as a Pet and you hereby agree to have this pet spayed/ neutered by the time it turns 7 months old. Buyer must send us a spay/neuter certificate. If the puppy is not spayed/ neutered by the time it turns 7 months old these terms and conditions are null and void. 
4. The buyer must keep this puppy on Nuvet Canine Plus vitamins for a minimum of two years.
5. The buyer hereby agrees to have this puppy examined by a Licensed Veterinarian of their choice, within 3 working days of picking up the puppy. 
a) After the buyer has had the puppy examined they must provide the seller with a health certificate issued by their Licensed Veterinarian within twelve calendar days of the purchase of the puppy.
b) It is the buyer’s responsibility to provide their Veterinarian with the puppy’s medical record listing the vaccinations the puppy has received. If the vaccination schedule is restarted these terms and conditions are voided. 
6. If the buyer has abided by #3, #4 & #5 of this contract, the following shall apply. If the buyer has not abided by #3, #4 & #5 of this contract the following does not apply.
a) If this puppy is diagnosed by two non affiliated Licensed Veterinarians with a serious life altering genetic disease that will greatly shorten or greatly alter the quality of life for the dog before it is two years old the  buyer, must contact us immediately by phone and follow up by providing written documentation of the genetic defect from two Licensed Veterinarians within 10 days of the diagnosis. Reports must state treatments provided and fees for treatments.
b) If this puppy is diagnosed with Crippling Hip Dysplasia by the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals), or with PRA by a Veterinarian Ophthalmologist before it is 2 years old the buyer must contact us immediately by phone and follow up by providing written documentation of the hereditary defect from the OFA or the Ophthalmologist to us the seller.
After confirmation of the above conditions by the seller, our veterinarian and return of the dog to seller, the buyer will be entitled to a new puppy when one becomes available. The buyer will receive first priority of any litters already born or expected. Any shipping and Licensed Veterinarian costs involved in returning or replacing a puppy are the responsibility of the buyer. Should the buyer choose to keep the puppy, the seller will refund one half the purchase price of the puppy. The seller is not responsible for costs associated with the buyer’s decision to keep the Dog.
7. Buyer is responsible for appropriate training of puppy to correctly teach acceptable behaviors and is responsible for proper socialization of puppy. Should buyer not be successful at training of negative behaviors independently, buyer agrees to seek professional help from a certified trainer should it become necessary. Behaviors that develop due to lack of proper training and socialization are not the seller’s responsibility. If puppy shows inappropriate aggressive behavior that is not correctable by two non affiliated certified trainers by the age of 12 months and the buyer returns the dog, seller agrees to replace with another puppy for ½ the purchase price. Any shipping and Licensed Veterinarian costs involved in returning or replacing a puppy are the responsibility of the buyer. Professional documentation must be received from both certified trainers stating the nature of the dog’s behavior and training techniques utilized before replacement will be provided. If trainers indicate that the issues are due to improper training or the result of the puppy’s environment, seller is not responsible for replacing with another puppy. 
8. This contract shall apply only to the original purchaser. Transfer of dog ownership shall void this contract.
9. The seller assumes no responsibility on this puppy after leaving the premises, including but not limited to, medical expenses, mortality, landlord disapproval, asthma, allergies to animals, disagreement of family members, or any other reason. It is further understood, and agreed, that no warranty or representation has been made with respect to sold puppy, except as set forth in writing in this agreement or as required in the Written Notice for Dog Purchasers.
10. It is our desire that no dog bred by us ever end up in a Dog Shelter. If at any time you find it necessary to find the dog a new home and you are unable to, contact us and we will attempt to assist you.