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Breeding Labradoodles since 1998
Welcome to Bad Company's Labradoodles located in the rolling hills of Southeastern PA. We have been a Labradoodle Breeder since 1998. The decision to breed our first litter of Labradoodle Puppies and to continue breeding Labradoodles was based on the hardiness and Hybrid vigor that results in a cross breeding. We quickly learned how intelligent and devoted to their owners labradoodles are. 

We no longer breed 1st generation or F1 puppies due to the high percentage that shed. All of our puppies are 2nd and 3rd generation backcrosses or multi-generation. We have only used labs, poodles and labradoodles in our breeding program. 

Health and temperament is very important to us in our breeding program. Health testing is done on all of our breeding dogs. Some of our puppies have gone on to be certified therapy/service dogs.

Enjoy your visit of our pages and if we can be of any assistance let us know. 
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